Review - Trezor Model T - Hardware Wallet

At Crypto News Weekly we can’t tell you enough about the importance of hardware wallets. The big saying in the space is “not your keys not your crypto”.

Not only is it a little bit strange that we all praise the movement of decentralisation and then store our cryptocurrencies on a centralised exchange, it’s also dangerous.

Even the biggest exchanges in the world are hackable and we seen that both with mount gox and Binance.

So I think a hardware wallet is an important part of your cryptocurrency journey, and then the big question is which one to pick. I also recommend to listen to our Big Crypto Wallet Special from our channel earlier this year. There we talk about the Ledger Nano S and the Cobo Vault. And last month I got the opportunity to receive and test a hardware wallet form Trezor, the Model T. With the disclaimer that I received the device from Trezor, but of course I remain the right to say whatever I want, and I will.






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